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Comman Mang Game Police Precinct 2nd Edition Now On Kickstarter and The Heat Expansion

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June 3rd 2014

Having just returned from the UK Games Expo. it was with a heavy heart that I read the news that Snitch! from Common Man Games was not able to reach its funding target on KickStarter.

However, it will return so keep your ears to the ground.

The aim of Snitch! is for each player to track down information to present to the D.A. and bring down the King Pin. This is accomplished by using your network of snitches and ranking up your police officer.

The winner is the player who has contributed to the most to the District Attorney's case.

Read my blog here for more information of the game, a review and a session report, or head over to Common Man Games website.



The 2nd edition was successfully funded on the 26th January. With a final push, the campaign ended drawing in a massive 791 backers and more than doubling the funding target.

There is still chance to get in on the action.. click here.

Well done to all at Common Man Games

We are aiming to stock this game upon release for those who missed the campaign.

Police Precinct: 2nd Edition Kickstarter

14 Days to go...

Fully funded, but there is still time to get in on the action and help not only bring the 2nd edition of this excellent game to the waiting world, but also unlock some of the stretch goals; a double sided board for example. 

The Games Hunter was lucky enough to recieve a couple of the promo cards and they truly are wonderful. They look and feel great (Dirty Bomb and Rocket Launcher). Apparently, we are the proud owners of the only copies outside of N.A. - You too can get in the action by pledging for your copies (or pre-ordering via this site).


Our friends over at Common Man Games have just started their brand new campaign. Between now and the 26th January you will have the opportunity to help fund the second edition of the much talked about Police Precinct.

It is also an an opportunity to get hold of the expansions and promo cards that were available in the original Kickstarter and in the recently ended campaign for The Heat.

You can find out all the details by clicking here.

Game Overview

Police Precinct is a cooperative game where the players take on the roles as police officers, lieutenants and detectives with different areas of expertise. The players must work together to solve a murder (which happened just before the game started), while at the same time deal with the increasing number of street criminals, as well as various emergencies that may occur around the precinct. To complicate matters, one of the players is playing a corrupt cop, bribed by the criminal underworld to work against the other players.

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