Cornish Smuggler by Grublin Games

Waggle Dance

June 3rd 2014

Waggle Dance is the second game to come out of Grublin Games.


It is the brain child of designer Mike Nudd and has each player controlling a hive of bees seeking to make the most honey.

Waggle Dance is currenty on KickStarter and is funding through June.



I was lucky enough to be invited by Henry Jasper, designer of Cornish Smuggler, to attend the Spieltag in Essen in October. It was an amazing success for Grublin Games, Cornish Smuggler and above all, Henry.

Approximately 500 copies of the game were taken to Essen and they were all but sold out by the time we left on the Sunday evening.

You can find out more about Grublin Games by visiting their website here. You can also follow them on twitter or find them on Facebook.

We should shortly have Cornish Smuggler in stock for sale on our website. This will be the Kickstarter edition of the game, complete with special edition ships and a CD soundtrack.

More information for Cornish Smuggler, including Games Hunter reviews of the game, pictures of the prototype built by The Games Hunters and the pictures of the final version can be found on

Kickstarter Funding

Grublin launched its Kickstarter campaign for Cornish Smuggler on 23rd May 2013 to fund the production of our very first board game. The campaign attracted a huge amount of interest and support, raising over £30,000 in just 44 days (which was more than double our target)!! Everyone who supported the project via Kickstarter is thanked in the game's rulebook and those who pledged £30 or more secured the very first copies of the game. Most importantly, each and every backer is able to say they were thereright at the start, right when it all began

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