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Escape: Fighting for Freedom takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which artificial intelligence will ensure the good of humanity... A little too much for some humans, who revolt. The game focuses on the confrontation between the resisting humans and robots.

Escape is a light miniatures wargame, taking place in the Eden universe. The game is designed for two players: one player takes control of the International Scientific Council (I.S.C.) and its force of robots; the other player controls the Resistance, the camp of the humans. The game system is simple, accessible and fast.

Each game is played as a separate scenario and you may play several as a campaign. The I.S.C. or the Resistance player can win by completing a certain goal, such as escaping, destroying artifacts, or killing enemies. 
Players activate members of their squads on their turns, who can perform various actions such as move, attack an opponent, hack a security lock, use equipment, etc. Dice rolls determine if actions are successful or not. Each character has characteristics of combat, movement and intelligence, a gauge of life, and each has a special ability: leadership, special weapon, drill, hack, etc.

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