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Cornish Smuggler

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£29.99 incl tax

No. of Players: 2-5

Ages: 13+

Duration: 120'-150'

Cornish Smuggler allows players to assume the roles of Smugglers in 18th Century Cornwall. Buying and selling goods for gold while employing a network of local characters, secret knowledge, hidden locations, bribes, dirty tricks and a healthy dose of cunning to evade the attentions of the customs officers and the other players.

This game is about real things that happened to real people in a real place, thus creating a directly relatable experience between 21st Century Cornwall and Cornwall at a time when the community was experiencing significant poverty and exorbitant taxation. As a result, smuggling wasn’t necessarily seen as something that was illegal, but rather as something that was ‘fair game’ and as such was taken with an often light hearted view.

For more information about this game click here.

Note: This is the KickStarter edition of the game Cornish Smuggler which comes with a CD soundtrack and additional beautifully crafted wooden ships. These components are not available in the standard retail edition of the game.

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