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£31.49 incl tax

No. Players: 2-5

Duration: 90'

Ages: 13+


It's the roaring '20s and there's a fortune to be made steaming across the wild oceans. To succeed, you'll need a captain's steady nerve and the help of Lady Luck to land your cargo where it's needed. You have ships full of passengers and precious cargo, but can outrun pirate robbers, terrifying storms and a world depression that might devalue your goods?

Manifest is a game of cargo ships, sea scoundrels, and nautical mayhem. Win points for your shipping company by completing Contracts. Pick up certain goods or passengers at their source, then navigate the high seas to deliver them to a port where they are wanted. With a choice of private or public contracts and multi-purpose action cards, there are many paths to victory, and some "take that" options to make sure your opponents don't steal the limelight.

Manifest can be played in two ways: Standard and Expert. The Standard game is the introductory and family game. The Expert game builds on this, with a deck-buying and building mechanism replacing the blind card draw, thus adding another level of strategy that confident players may prefer.

Be the first player to complete Contracts to the point threshold (it varies by the number of players). When any player triggers the threshold, every other player gets one more turn to try and beat the score of the person who triggered the last round.

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